Beihua University Sky ViewAt Beihua University, knowledge knows no limitations and our researchers are encouraged to pursue difficult and sometimes even controversial topics of academic research. Thatís why we can say with pride that our program for scientific study of various active chemicals that were recently synthesized through artificial means is among the best in the world. Working with unknown chemicals can be very dangerous and some of the substances could become a potential target of abuse in the future, but our experts are determined to learn much more about each involved reagent and separate those that have legitimate scientific use from those that should be strictly controlled.
In recent years, there has been a wave discovery in experimental biochemistry and our university is doing the best it can to keep track of all new developments. In order to do this, we are building a network of associates that includes numerous academic institutions, trusted suppliers of chemicals and individuals who have in-depth understanding and direct experience with this exciting field. Our vision aims to create a permanent platform that will enable systematization of scientific data about the growing number of innovative chemicals and we donít shy away from responsibilities essential for realization of this ambitious goal.
Our contributions to the research chemicals field may be primarily theoretical, but we hope that results of research conducted at the University can provide other scientists around the world with important clues that can speed up their own work. So far, wonderful staff at Beihua University has given us plenty of reasons to be proud of this program and we sincerely hope this is just the beginning of a much wider learning process. Given the pace at which new research chemicals are appearing, this will be a hard assignment worthy of our best effort.

Admission open for September 2012 Sessions

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